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Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics’ skincare teacher, Carol Venclik, has been recently featured in ABMP’s ‘Ask the Skincare Professional’ column.

ATLANTA (October 24, 2005) – Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics’ Director of Spa Therapies, Carol Venclik, became a master cosmetologist before graduating high school. Carol was recently featured in ABMP’s, ‘Ask the Skincare Professional’ column where she tells the story of how her passion for the skincare field grew and eventually led her to an esthetician career and her current position as Director of Spa Therapies at Atlanta School of Massage and its esthetics education division, Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics.

After opening her own salon early in her career, Carol decided to change direction slightly and go to work in the spa industry where she helped to open two major spas in the Atlanta area. Her thirst for knowledge still strong, she next turned her attention to the areas of bodywork, nutrition and holistic health. After careful analysis of potential schools, she enrolled in Atlanta School of Massage where she gained her Massage Therapy certification. Since graduation she has called the school her home and now teaches in both the massage therapy and skincare programs, passing on her vast knowledge of the industry to the thousands of students who pass through their doors.

Carol’s experience has taught her the importance of listening to clients’ needs, understanding their goals for the visit and connecting on a heart-to-heart level. By passing her knowledge, passion and experience on to her students, Carol is helping to improve the quality of service delivered in this ever changing, rapidly growing industry.

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