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Student Complaint & Concern Form

Any student complaint regarding any aspect of any program must be submitted in written form via a Student Complaint/ Concern form located on the school’s website. The form will be automatically sent to Student Resources, the VP of Administration, and the Director of Education. The VP of Administration will review the complaint and involve all appropriate staff members for further details or to handle directly.

Students will be contacted within 5 business days after the complaint has been received if further information is needed. If no further information is needed the complaint will be handled with parties named.
The school will not discuss disciplinary actions regarding other students or staff with the complainant. All student complaints will receive a response within 15 business days of the receipt date from the VP of Administration or Program Director.

In some cases mediation between all parties is required in order to resolve the student concern. If the issue is not resolved in this manner or continues, the student may request a meeting with the Student Resources Coordinator, Program Director or VP of Administration.

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Individual(s) involved in the event or problem:
I certify that the information provided above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, I recognize that for the purpose of investigating this complaint, this form and all other submitted documents will be shared with the school's management board and with parties specifically assigned to review this complaint. Please note forms that do not include a legitimate name, email and phone number to contact will not be investigated. *

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