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Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, A Division of Atlanta School of Massage, And One of Atlanta’s Premier Esthetician Schools, Shares Information On Protecting Your Skin During The Harsh Summer Months So You Can Enjoy The Sun With Confidence

ATLANTA (August 22, 2005) – As temperatures soar into the 90’s, skin care experts from the esthetics training school, Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, stress the importance of caring for your skin. It is widely understood that the first line of defense against skin cancer and other sun related skin damage is the application of sunscreen. Unfortunately, for many people, this is where the summer skincare regime ends. Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics offers further tips on summer skincare and lays to rest some of the most common summer skincare misconceptions.

Logic tells you that heat from the summer sun would dry skin out, however, this is not always the case. The combination of climate conditions, such as the high humidity in Georgia, and the resulting increase in oil production, creates a coating that actually holds in moisture. The following tips, based on your skin type, will help you deal with the changes your skin experiences during the summer months.

Dry Skin generally calls for a cream moisturizer designed to provide the hydration naturally missing from your skin. In the summer months, the esthetics education experts at Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics suggests that you switch to a lotion to compensate for your skins increased oil production. If you have combination skin, follow the same protocol prescribed for dry skin, i.e. if you normally use a cream moisturizer switch to lotion in the summer, if you normally use a lotion, switch to a gel. Oily skin has a natural abundance of oil and therefore it only requires a very light moisturizer. In the summer months we suggest continuing with your moisturizer, but exfoliate more often because of the buildup of dead skin cells experienced during the summer months.

Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics recommends remembering this general rule of thumb: If you are in a high humidity area, use a lighter moisturizer than normal because of increased oil production. Add a higher SPF for additional protection and get out and enjoy the summer sun with confidence!

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