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Leading Georgia Massage School Offers Many Continuing Education Courses

Atlanta School of Massage has a wealth of massage therapy continuing education courses available this year. Massage therapists must renew their licenses in 2012. Atlanta School of Massage is the Georgia massage school offering the most varied and extensive massage therapy continuing education workshops in the state.

Continuing education workshops help massage therapists stay current with their knowledge, skills and techniques. Workshop participants not only attain required CEU’s but also gain an opportunity to discover and develop a niche or specialty within their practice. An array of workshops is being offered including Chinese Craniosacral Therapy,Caring for Patients with Cancer, Reiki, Balinese Massage & Spa Rituals, The Art of Japanese Zen Facial Massage with Aromatherapy Oils and many more.

A complete list of massage therapy continuing education workshops and course descriptions is available on the Atlanta School of Massage Website. Massage therapists are sure to find courses that will recharge their business or practice.  A boost of enthusiasm and passion are additional benefits from learning, interacting and networking with industry professionals.

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Day Program: September 10, 2024
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