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Atlanta School of Massage celebrates, along with many other massage therapy professionals, as history is made in the Massage Therapy Industry with the signing of the Massage Therapy Practice Act Bill SB110.

ATLANTA (May 11, 2005) – Atlanta School of Massage, along with many other massage schools and massage professionals, watched in anticipation for the long awaited decision to pass into legislation the Georgia Massage Therapy Practice Act, Bill SB110. The bill, over two decades in the making, requires that any person advertising or practicing massage in the state of Georgia hold a state license. This makes Georgia the 35th state to regulate massage therapy and positions the Massage Therapy Industry in line with other similar industries such as the Chiropractic and Cosmetology Industries. Georgia was the only state in the southeast that did not have a state regulatory board to oversee massage therapists.

A long time advocate of creating a regulatory body for the Massage Industry, Atlanta School of Massage has supported the effort to achieve this important milestone. As an important first step towards achieving this legislation, Leticia Allen, founder of Atlanta School of Massage, became the founding member and first president of the Georgia Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). Leticia believed that the AMTA was an important National Organization and was dedicated to organizing massage therapists in the state of Georgia in order to bring credibility to the profession. Laurie Craig, Executive Director of the Atlanta School of Massage, testified before the Sunrise Committee about the benefits as well as the contraindications of massage, and the importance of establishing a regulatory body for the massage industry. Jane Johnson, an Atlanta School of Massage Graduate and chairperson for the Georgia Chapter of The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), spearheaded the legislative efforts and has worked tirelessly in support of the Georgia Massage Therapy Practice Act, Bill SB110.

Atlanta School of Massage has been making history in the massage industry for over 25 years. We have seen monumental changes in the way massage therapy is perceived by the general public and have been inspired by the therapeutic value it delivers to our clients. We view the passage of this bill as an exciting step in the evolution of the massage industry and look forward to our participation in the future of this dynamic profession.

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