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The student clinic at Atlanta School of Massage and Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics was showcased in the Fox 5 series Live for Less which presented ways to save on wellness healthcare. The massage clinic offers a full range of bodywork and skin care services for about half the price of a spa.

The student clinic at Atlanta School of Massage and its skin care division, Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, was recently showcased on Fox 5 Atlanta’s Health Report. The weeklong series, “Live for Less,” presented ways to save on wellness healthcare, with the segment about the skin care and massage clinic focused on the affordability of its luxury spa services.

“Everything is about 50 percent cheaper than standard spa prices,” said Casey Hunter of Atlanta School of Massage and Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics. The student clinic charges about $40 for a 50-minute massage and $30 for a 50-minute facial.

In addition to the half-off price for clients, the massage and skin care clinic benefits the students by providing valuable hands-on experience to enhance their massage therapy training. After each treatment, clients are asked to complete a short survey to provide feedback to their student practitioner. Instructors are also on hand to periodically observe students’ technique and interaction with clients. While maintaining clients’ comfort as the top priority, instructors quietly provide guidance to the students when needed.

For the segment, Beth Galvin from Fox 5 Atlanta interviewed two clients before, during and after their treatments at the Atlanta massage clinic. The clients shared their experience of massage and skin care services provided by the students.

Though the Atlanta School of Massage Clinic is affordable, it doesn’t cut corners with comfort. Massages are offered in a private room with adjustable lighting and soothing music to enhance the experience. Spa body treatments can be combined with a massage to provide ultimate therapeutic pampering. Available treatments include aromatherapy wrap, seaweed body wrap, reflexology and body polish. Massages are available for relaxation, muscle rehabilitation or stress reduction for times ranging from 30 minutes to two hours.

Today’s uncertain economic times produce stress which can impact the immune system and emotional well-being. Renew and refresh with an economical massage or skin care treatment. Call the Atlanta School of Massage Clinic at(877) 239-4080 to schedule an appointment.

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