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WebMD selected Atlanta School of Massage over all other massage therapy schools to give expert advice on Massage Therapy in April 2006.

ATLANTA (May 21, 2006) – Atlanta School of Massage, a leading Massage Therapy school for over 25 years, was featured on the homepage of the WebMD website ( in April 2006. The video clip ‘The Right Touch: Can A Massage Improve Your Health?’ explores ways in which massage therapy can be used to reduce anxiety, decrease pain and enhance the immune system.

Rick Garbowski, Director of Education for Atlanta School of Massage and Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, demonstrates various massage techniques, such as Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, and provides insight as to how they can be used to improve overall health and well being. The video clip, which can be viewed at, covers the 3 main approaches to massage therapy energetic, structural and neurological. The close up footage of Mr. Garbowski delivering massage therapy to a client demonstrates the physical nature of this occupation and why use of proper body mechanics is crucial in avoiding fatigue during the massage therapy session.

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