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ASM Founder and President Leticia Allen celebrates 35 years In Style

In the fall of 1980, the founder of Atlanta School of Massage, Leticia Allen, could not imagine what was in store when she established the first massage school in Georgia.

Her fledgling teaching program is now a nationally recognized institution that has helped define modern massage and changed the lives of thousands of students that have come through the program.

On October 17th, Ms. Allen hosted a gala event celebrating ASM’s 35th anniversary. It was held at the rustic Studio 887, located in Atlanta’s King Plow Center. Surrounded by staff and faculty members both past and present, Allen heard moving stories from many of the guests in attendance, most notably from members of the management team — Traci Daly-Smith and Carlotta Fulton. 

Mrs. Smith lovingly described Ms. Allen as an inspirational, motivational, and passionate leader and expressed her appreciation for Allen serving as the catalyst that helped her discover a life mission that touches lives in meaningful and enduring ways.  

The final story of the evening came from Ms. Allen herself, where she shared her moving and heartfelt appreciation to all those who have helped Atlanta School of Massage become a resounding success and, more importantly, a school with a very bright future. 

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