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So, I haven’t even graduated Esthetics school yet, and already, I am looking at continuing education courses to advance my studies, and current publications to keep up with the next big thing in my chosen career. The world of skincare continues to grow and change as skincare companies around the globe race to develop new and improved innovative products. But what’s the driving the development of these products? Consumer demand. That’s right… With buzzwords like, clean, sustainable, toxin-free, and organic, this industry has been following a trend of developing products that are free from harmful ingredients, toxic free preservatives, and that are environmentally safe. And with improvements in science and technology, these companies are able to deliver clinically proven ingredients in their products to the consumer.

Superfood ingredients, like kale, broccoli, spinach, moringa, etc. have been a main staple in the health-conscious movement over the past decade. These foods, when ingested, especially in its raw form are extremely nourishing and healing to the body. They are appealing because they are natural ingredients with healing properties that when applied topically can produce results in the reduction of skin inflammation and anti-aging. They have been showing up in cleansers, moisturizers, serums, combined with other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to boost the effects of the treatment.

Be on the lookout…


Toxic bacteria in the stomach is believed to contribute to many skin conditions. Skin conditions like acne, redness, and rosacea continue to be a constant battle for those that look for effective treatments. Look for probiotics to be at the forefront of the skincare industry as scientists are currently testing and publishing their results documenting significant successful treatment of disorders like these and more with topical applications of a probiotic to the skin.

Fermented Ingredients

Acids such as kojic acid and lactic acid aren’t going anywhere. But expect others to join them as some brands are already investing in peony and bearberry extracts to address concerns with
pigmentation challenges.

Carbonic Acids

Already extremely popular in Japan, “fizzy” skincare products promise to penetrate the skin, aiding in better cell turnover, and increased blood flow using a solution that bubbles when applied to the skin. It’s claim is to also lift dirt from pores and rid the skin of acne.


Blog by Brittany Lawson


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