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Being in Aesthetic School is teaching me a lot. It’s teaching me about relationships on how to amend them and make them stronger.  Not just relationships with other people but one with yourself. Building a healthy relationship with self will help you form power-ships with those around you. At AIA, my views changed. I started to understand that every friendship even business-ship is a reflection of yourself. How you view yourself and feel about yourself is very important! The views of self is all about your confidence. Confidence brings self-love, motivation, drive, and passion. Also, how you treat yourself, shows how you’ll treat your colleagues and clients.


By my second phase in the program, I got a clear understanding on why it’s important to start building a solid foundation on relationships. Each instructor and director could potentially be the person to write a recommendation letter for you, or possibly may be the one to connect you to a industry professional.  If the respect gets broken so will your opinions for the connection even the references. Respect is not something that is given to you; it’s something you have to earn. When it comes with building a relationship with clients you have to build trust. Client’s that comes to the school to get services know students are working on them, so look at this as baby steps to get you more comfortable with binding relationships with client’s. Each phase is going to be different, look at each level in the course as a foundation for the next and each foundation is a new chapter, which is a new beginning. Once you do that you’ll realize it’s not to bad after all. Below I will explain some steps on how to stay focus and everything else will flow together

  1. Love yourself first and be yourself. If you don’t know the meaning to this yet, start off by asking yourself questions like: Are you comfortable where you are at this moment? Are there thing you want to improve with yourself or your situation? What is that you love about yourself? Don’t rush the answer let it just flow to you. As I said previously, how you treat yourself , will show how you will treat you clients. When you want the best for yourself, you’ll start to want that for others.
  2. Treat others how you want to be treated. Respect come a long way! If you can’t respect others, how are you able to gain respect from them. This is super important when working with classmates and educators. Each day you perform services on each other at AIA, it’s best to perform services that will leave them with a sense of relaxation and peace. Wouldn’t you want the same thing?
  3. Let things flow. When your first meeting someone, you wanna make sure your relaxed and and in good energy. People react off of what you bring out. So if your running around in clinic, unorganized, clients will see that and will give you feedback afterwards. Being unorganised can limit your time on treatments and now you have an unhappy client.
  4. Eliminate Drama. People don’t realize how important this is in Aesthetics school. Drama is a physical blocker  and energy blocker. It will distract you and deter you from your main reason on being in the program. Gossiping with other employees about someone else or talking about clients personal information to others is very unprofessional. When stepping in a professional setting, you want to leave all the negativity out the door. Keeping a positive, relaxing , and drama free environment is the go to path. Clients will feel comfortable and are more likely to rebook with you.
  5. Study and practice what you learn. Take time out of your day to study and practice the material that you learn. It’s very important to do so, so you can start building confidence in yourself, while performing consultations and doing services on clients.  They say, “Practice makes perfect”, the more you go over the skills, the better your gonna be.

Through experience, I’ve been able to the narrow these steps down to help myself stay focus in this program. As, I’ve said in the above steps IT’S NOT EASY!!! It takes work, determination, and strength to pull through a full time program for 9 months or even a part-time. If this is your passion, I say go for it and enjoy every moment.

KavionnaSmith_AestheticBlog_100218Kavionna Smith

2018 Graduate


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