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Instructor from Atlanta’s Premier Esthetician School Gives Advice in Massage Magazine

Posted on: October 22nd, 2006 by Traci Daly-Smith

Massage Magazine to feature expert advice from Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics’ director of spa therapies, Carol Venclik, in her new column, ‘Spa Talk’, set to debut in December, 2006.

ATLANTA (October 22, 2006) – Whether you are an experienced skin care practitioner, massage therapist, or a new graduate, you will benefit from the expert knowledge of Carol Venclik, director of spa therapies at Atlanta’s premieresthetician school, Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics. Starting in December, 2006, Ms. Venclik will be writing a monthly ‘Spa Talk’ column in Massage Magazine, which will focus on how to introduce spa therapies into massage therapy and skincare practices.

Ms. Venclik has over 16 years of experience working in the spa industry, including many years running her own successful salon. She became a master cosmetologist before graduating high school and her passion for the skincare field grew and eventually led her to an esthetician career and to her current position as director of spa therapies at Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, a division of Atlanta School of Massage. Carol will draw on these many years of experience to create articles which she believes will inspire new graduates as well as experienced massage therapists to consider adding spa therapies into their existing massage practice.

Carol’s first column, ‘A Fruitful Union’, will focus on the benefits of including spa therapies in massage therapy practices. Carol hopes to give practitioners tools and examples of how to incorporate spa therapies into the diverse work settings available to massage therapists. Carol will explain the benefits to clients of various spa treatments, offer advice on how to select the right spa therapies for your practice, and give suggestions on where to go for quality training.

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