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Atlanta School of Massage launches new massage therapy program after training more than 4,000 graduates to improve the quality of health and well being through therapeutic massage.

ATLANTA (April 25, 2005) – After 25 years of experience training top-notch professional massage therapists, Atlanta School of Massage has launched their fully comprehensive, next generation, Signature Massage Therapy training program. Their ‘Keys to Success’ method of education developed by their in-house team of expert massage therapists benefits from all the wisdom and knowledge that only comes with time. Utilizing best practices, they have perfected a program that focuses on unlocking the full potential in each and every student, teaching proper body mechanics to ensure a long injury free career and fully comprehensive certifications designed to meet current market demands.

The three ‘Keys to Success’ are:

  • Key to Education – Repetition is the ‘Key to Education’. The curriculum is systematically designed to remind students of what was presented earlier in the massage therapy program so recalling information is almost automatic. This is not boring repetition of content, but a unique method of tying new ideas to existing concepts.
  • Key to Longevity – Body mechanics is the key to longevity. To enjoy a long, injury free career as a massage therapist students learn how to deliver massage techniques with precise, mechanical alignment.
  • Key to the Job Market – Advanced certification is the ‘Key to the Job Market’. In addition to a Massage Therapy program certification that is known and respected throughout the industry, Atlanta School of Massage awards graduates five advanced certifications including: Swedish & Deep Tissue Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Spa Therapies, Reflexology & Seated Massage.

By combining the most powerful massage techniques available into one fully comprehensive massage therapy program, Atlanta School of Massage, is building the next generation of massage therapy education programs and professionals. Graduates of this program will enjoy the career flexibility that comes with mastering a variety of powerful massage techniques. Upon graduation they will be fully prepared to join the ranks of the many other Atlanta School of Massage graduates who have gone on to become successful massage therapists, spa owners, authors and massage school owners.

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Day Program: September 10, 2024
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