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Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, one of the leading esthetics schools in the US, offers advice on using pelotherapy, or “mud therapy,” for beautification and treatment of various ailments.

ATLANTA (June 17, 2007) — Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics (, one of the nation’s leading esthetics schools, trains skin care students how to use botanical mud wraps to detoxify and re-mineralize the body.  Mud baths and wraps have been used for several hundred years in Europe, and their use as a home remedy has been documented as far back as the 12th century.
There are several different types of mud used in skin care therapies such as inorganic, organic, mixed, peat, and medicated mud.  Peat mud is one of the better-known muds because of the publicity surrounding its use in the preservation of the bodies of mummies such as the Tollund Man. Black Moor Mud, which is a mixed mud sourced from 30,000 year-old herbal deposits formed during the ice age, is one of the most popular mud products used in skin care therapy today.

Mud therapies are increasingly popular because their anti-inflammatory properties have been found to help conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. They have also been found to help with hormonal imbalances, wound healing and muscle recovery. Mud absorbs certain toxic materials that are in the surface of the skin so it is an excellent natural detoxifier. Mud has also been found to be beneficial in stimulating the immune system, improving circulation, promoting muscle relaxation, relieving pain, improving mobility and improving the appearance of the skin.
The variety of benefits experienced from the use of mud therapy makes it a popular choice for spa patrons. Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, a division of Atlanta School of Massage, offers student spa services, including botanical mud wraps using a variety of mixed muds, at their spa in Atlanta, Georgia. Their expert skin care specialists look forward to helping you decide which spa treatments will best serve you.

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