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Esthetician Instructor Program Admission Requirements

A prospective student for our programs must:

1. Complete an online application via the website and pay the application fee of $100.00 (nonrefundable). It is your responsibility to ensure you meet the following requirements prior to submitting the application fee. The application fee will be good for one year.

2. Demonstrate personal efficiency and thoroughness by completing and submitting the following paperwork entirely and promptly at least one week before the scheduled interview:

  1. Submit a 500-word essay stating why you want to become an Esthetics Instructor and your future goals once you complete the program.
  2. Submit a Professional Resume, which must include.
  1. Three professional references from individuals with whom you have worked.
  2. List any professional associations or memberships you are active with
  3. List any volunteer work you participate in

3. Be in good health, physically and emotionally, and meet the following criteria:

  • Can stand for 6 hours or more with only a short break.
  • Can lift 50lbs.
  • Have 20/20 vision with or without contacts or glasses.
  • Can go up and down stairs frequently.
  • Can kneel, squat, push, or pull carts and equipment.
  • Manage chronic illnesses so as not to interfere with participation in the program.
  • Seek professional counseling/medical/psychological care as needed.
  • *If the above conditions are met, you will be contacted for an interview, which will be scheduled within three weeks of the application date. You will be notified via email if you have not met the requirements.

4. Attend an interview with the Student Instructor, Program Coordinator, or Program Director. The purpose of the interview is to show that the applicant can meet the program’s responsibilities, demands, and professional conduct requirements (demonstrated by completing needed paperwork within the timeline given, interacting with all staff respectfully and professionally, and showing professionalism by arriving at all appointments as scheduled), and review the submitted application and discuss our programs in detail.

*Applicants should allow at least an hour for the interview and be prepared to ask any questions they may have. No phone calls. Please direct all questions to


Link to the application page here to pay the fee, and the page must allow the upload of the essay and resume. Once someone completes an application and uploads the essay and resume, that info/app should be sent to the following email address:



Course Description

The Master Educator Student Course Book by Milady is the core textbook that delivers these new approaches and directions to instruction. It offers teaching methodology, learning philosophy, and professional development for aspiring career educators. By completing this course of study using the Master Educator textbook, you will learn valuable qualities needed in an educator. You will discover and gain knowledge of educational methods that assist in learner attention and retention. The Master Educator is divided into three comprehensive sections.

Part 1 Basic Teaching Skills for Career Education Instructors

Part 2 Basic Teaching Skills for Career Education in the Beauty and Wellness Disciplines

Part 3 Professional Development for Career Education Instructors


Course Description

  1. General Education
  2. Cosmetology and Barber Laws and Rules
  3. Principles of the teaching of esthetics
  4. Teaching techniques and audio-visual aids
  5. Curriculum development Lesson plans and presentations Classroom management and discipline Demonstrations and Theory lectures Various evaluation methods.
  6. Practice of teaching

The 600 hours must be completed in no less than ten months. You must commit to one of the following schedules which may include weekends and evenings.

A scheduled day class will record 7.5 clock hours.

A scheduled evening class will record five clock hours.

Depending on the shift, a scheduled clinic session will be recorded 7-7.5 hours.

Mondays are required and are scheduled from 9 am-3:30. Mondays will be reserved for Instruction by a Licensed Instructor. Instruction will include lectures, discussions, and webinars. Student Instructors will deliver mock lectures, mock demonstrations, and proctor mock exams to build proficiency as an instructor in a classroom setting once licensed.


Program Tuition

Tuition Cost $6000

$500 Deposit

$100 Application Fee

Scholarship opportunities available for AIA graduates

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